Systematically ensuring long-term customer success

To attract and retain discerning customers, you need to offer exceptional products and services.

So UTSCH doesn't just see itself as a supplier of high-security products for vehicle registration and identification, but as a system supplier with an integrated approach who can respond to very complex requirements with sophisticated made-to-measure solutions. At the same time, as a reliable partner UTSCH always takes account of the customer's individual or national requirements.  

UTSCH focuses on the effective use of its system solutions combined with the maximum possible benefit for the customer to support and assure the customer's long-term success.

As a result of this corporate policy, UTSCH enjoys a special level of trust with many customers, which has developed over many years on the basis of professional advice and personal integrity.  

The optimum system in four steps

Although customer requirements may be very different, there are always four steps involved in any UTSCH project from the initial enquiry to the start-up of the agreed system solution.



UTSCH consults with the customer to examine the possibilities and identify the basic requirements.


A good concept is the foundation for success. The concept is based on the basic requirements and presents in detail all the required modules and services, from product design including the definition of security elements to system and process optimisation and tailor-made scenarios for the required IT infrastructure.


In the implementation phase, UTSCH turns the jointly designed concept with the agreed services into reality, in line with professional project management methods. To ensure maximum transparency for the customer, all project variables and deadlines of relevance to planning are defined and managed during the ongoing process. From description to real-life application.


Our responsibility doesn't end when the system has been successfully started up. If the customer so desires, additional, flexible customer services can be provided to relieve the system operator of routine tasks and ensure the long-term integrity of the entire system.

In addition to maintenance contracts for machines and systems, this includes individual service contracts for complex production and administration tasks, an individual IT service concept or support for financial matters. The needs of the customer always take top priority.

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