Reliable and secure information carriers which can be associated with clearly specified individuals and vehicles as personalised documents are crucial in a well functioning vehicle registration and identification system.

In UTSCH system solutions, these include traditional aluminium license plates, windshield labels (with or without RFID chip) and ID cards

In the production module, these carriers are manufactured in the required quantity, either by UTSCH or on the customer's own production equipment.

To underline their nature as official documents, during production they are enhanced with various security features designed to make forgery more difficult. The nature and scope of these measures, like the design, are defined in close consultation with the customer. For example, vehicle license plates can feature holograms, watermarks, laser numbers or barcodes.

At the end of the production process, the finished blanks are ready for further processing. Blanks can be embossed with the numbering used in the country in question and windshield labels and ID cards are prepared for personalisation by printing or writing the RFID chip or magnetic strip.

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