The purpose of vehicle registration is to keep track of all approved vehicles in a given country and associate each one with an owner.

It enables governments to levy road tax, carry out effective transport and infrastructure planning and apply penalties in the event of traffic violations. The effectiveness of a state administration can be measured by these official tasks.

The udata registration module enables the secure administration of vehicle and owner data. As well as data on vehicles and owners, the registration module can also hold information about valid and adequate insurance and vehicle fitness (TÜV). 

An up-to-date registration database is also necessary to ensure reliable vehicle identification (in the case of traffic violations, for example). This makes the combination of vehicle registration and anti-fraud registration documents (license plate, windshield label, ID card) especially important.

The udata registration module allows three specific scenarios, each of which provides added value for the operator:


Vehicle-specific scenario

During registration, the insurance status and/or technical condition can be added to the vehicle data. Insurers and condition monitoring services can be reliably integrated into the registration process with the appropriate applications. This applies to both public and private institutions.


Person-specific scenario

Reliable vehicle registration can serve as a valid basis for establishing a resident registration system and therefore personal identification. In a second step, all licensed drivers can be recorded and registered (driving license management).


Infrastructure-based scenario

Reliable vehicle registration can be used as the basis for the national levying of road user charges and associated toll systems. Vehicles and vehicle owners can be automatically identified through a central data pool and the appropriate charges between collection points (highways, bridges or tunnels) can be assigned to them.

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