From small beginnings to a global player

Ever since it was founded in 1961, Erich UTSCH AG has been a perfect example of the capabilities and potential of the German medium-sized business sector.

From small beginnings, it grew in the space of a single generation to become an internationally networked enterprise which now employs people worldwide under the UTSCH Group umbrella. This was achieved through continual innovation, a consistent market focus and a strong philosophy of quality - values that have seen UTSCH become a firmly established brand.

Combined with an ability to spot opportunities and gaps in the market, this has given rise to pioneering technical developments in relation to vehicle license plates. This has transformed a family-run business in the west of Germany into a technology leader which leads the field in its small but specialised market segment. 

To maintain and build on this hard-won position, UTSCH has developed into a comprehensive system provider for the production, personalisation, registration and identification of vehicle license plates. Through an integrated approach, the company has successfully combined the technical, commercial and above all IT know-how to develop made-to-measure system solutions for every customer requirement.

Through this approach UTSCH has set the course for future success – for the next 60 years and beyond.


Tradition, innovation and pioneering vision.

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Security licence plates, technology of the future and high design standards.

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Optimised, qualified, certified and reliable.

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Fairness, loyalty and trust deliver success.

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Global operation, effective collaboration, shared success.

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