A job well done.

Manufacture and deliver 5.2 million license plates in just five months.

This was the requirement that scared off our competitors — it had never been done before. But we knew we could meet the challenge.

At the end, 100% of the 5.2 million plates were delivered by the deadline.

An incredible performance by the UTSCH team, and a real joy for our customer to see the collaborative process work out so perfectly.

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Security License Plate Productfilm

How UTSCH licence plates represent a secure document

Licence plates are particularly exposed by the way they are used. Attached to the front and rear of a vehicle, they are easily accessible to everyone in daily practice and as such, prone to manipulation and counterfeiting.

In order to make this more difficult, UTSCH has been constantly adding new security features since the 1990s. Some of the features are invisible to the naked eye and only become recognisable through the use of special tools.

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Automatic Embossing Press

Fully automated production in large quantities.

The Automatic Embossing Press (AEP) developed and patented by UTSCH enables the fully automated, computer-controlled production of vehicle license plates in large quantities. The previously entered type for pairs of plates is automatically processed by the system.

In this way, a country's entire license plate requirements can be produced centrally, securely and precisely (with minimal personnel requirements) on made-to-measure, fully automated production systems.

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NEW: the smart embossing press offering a variety of options


The upresslight perfectly combines proven UTSCH embossing technology with the extensive possibilities of a networked workplace.

"Smart" components ensure the optimised and centralised processing of orders, with the simultaneous collection of economic indicators and increased operator safety.

This makes the upresslight ideally suited for use in medium-sized embossing businesses or branches.

As the mechanical embossing technology used in the upresslight is based on UTSCH's proven and popular 500 kN embossing press, an upgrade of existing embossing presses of this type up to the level of the upresslight is possible in some cases.

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Production line for license plate blanks

Up to 80 license plate blanks per minute can be manufactured on an UTSCH production line. Because the UTSCH production line is modular, the exact number depends on the number of production stations that the blanks pass through.  The individual modules are linked up as production stations according to the customer's requirements for the blank characteristics.

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