License plate frames

Tried-and-tested technology and attractive advertising spaces

For decades UTSCH has successfully developed license plate frames to allow license plates to be fitted on vehicles from virtually all brands and manufacturers without screws. The simple but mature technology, combined with high-quality materials, proves its mettle on the roads, day after day, on millions of vehicles.

As well as the necessary suitability for everyday use, UTSCH doesn't forget the importance of modern vehicle-integrated design, producing license plate frames with different, attractive geometries and decorative surfaces. In this way, UTSCH transforms practical license plate frames into original customisation accessories and desirable lifestyle products.

UTSCH also uses a variety of finishes to make its license plate frames into high-impact advertising spaces.

As advertising for businesses, a brand awareness tool, to give large fleets a standard corporate look or as high-quality merchandising items, by using proven modern printing systems with screen or digital printing, UTSCH offers its customers a whole range of ways to make license plate frames convey an effective message.

ERUSTAR - As individual as you are

The ERUSTAR from UTSCH offers ease of use combined with a compelling, attractive design. The robust closure system stands up to everyday use and securely holds license plates up to 520 mm wide. The ERUSTAR is a durable quality product with very high weather and UV resistance.

The ERUSTAR is compatible with all the most common vehicle models and brands, and with its TÜV certification it meets the current requirements of Regulation ECE-R26.

The clip-in advertising bar can be printed all over to the customer's individual specifications. A communication area of up to 503 mm x 18 mm (which can be combined with raised type or high-quality doming) offers additional presence in the observer's field of view.

On the ERUSTAR, advertising is placed on classic black (with the optional addition of elegant white lines) or sophisticated silver, with brilliant colours, and is long-lasting and withstands a lot of contact.

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For showrooms

Individual, modern and high-impact

With their modern design, ease of use and high-quality features, individually printed license plate frames from UTSCH are perfect advertising media for showrooms.
The high recognition value creates permanent customer contact and an original design also sets a dealer visually apart from competitors.

Available in different colour variants and surface finishes (for example an elegant chrome look), UTSCH therefore offers a wide range of individually printed license plate frames and a neutral version especially for showrooms.

As well as classic screen printing in one or two colours, thanks to state-of-the-art digital printing technology, the advertising bar of the proven premium license plate holder ERUSTAR can also be fully printed in 4C.
This gives high-resolution images and colour gradients a brilliant colour sheen, which can also be protected and reinforced with a high-quality synthetic resin coating (a process known as doming).

Alternatively, opt for the elegant version with injection-moulded raised type and elegant hot-stamped finish in chrome, white or silver.
Whichever version you choose, UTSCH license plate frames will make an impression on you and your customers.

For retail trade

Top-selling items for retailers

UTSCH license plate frames offer mature technology, sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship.
With a range of high-quality surface finishes, UTSCH transforms practical license plate frames into original, attractive customising accessories and desirable lifestyle products.

For retailers, UTSCH supplies its license plate frames in an attractive ready-to-sell shop version in practical protective packaging with Euro holes. A space-saving display stand ensures optimum product presentation at the point of sale or attention-grabbing positioning near the till. Individual labelling of shop articles (e.g. EAN codes) is also available for inventory management and stockkeeping.

Whether for specialist stores, the accessory market or parts sales, as top-selling, fast-moving impulse products, UTSCH license plate frames make a valuable addition to automotive retailers' product ranges.

Corporate design

Successful corporate communications

License plate frames that reflect a company's corporate design contribute to overall corporate communication.
For car rental businesses, logistics companies, sellers of branded products or companies with a large sales force, UTSCH offers a quick and easy way of branding company vehicles or employees' own cars for fleets of any size.

Because they are always seen by consumers, license plate frames serve as an effective and original means of customer contact.
And at an astonishingly good price!

Thanks to innovative UTSCH digital printing technology, nowadays license plate frames offer the same creative possibilities as other print media: high-resolution logos, photos, graphics, screens, shades and colour gradients in brilliant colours.

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