Security license plates, technology of the future and high design standards.


Modular Systems. Individual Solutions.

Success across the production line.


How UTSCH makes license plates into secure documents.



A custom-built, fully automated system that delivers 600 three-line license plates per hour...

...all with comprehensive quality control, and automated packaging: the Automatic Embossing Press for Thailand by UTSCH.

The project was quite a challenge, requiring individual solutions, innovations and comprehensive programming. But in the end, it was a pleasure to see it work perfectly.

Being capable of automatically embossing three-line license plates makes this machine unique worldwide. It meets all requirements regarding automation, efficiency, and of course highest quality standards.

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A job well done.

Manufacture and deliver 5.2 million license plates in just five months. This was the requirement that scared off our competitors — it had never been done before. But we knew we could meet the challenge.

At the end, 100% of the 5.2 million plates were delivered by the deadline.

An incredible performance by the UTSCH team, and a real joy for our customer to see the collaborative process work out so perfectly.

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The embossing press for the 21st century:

The upress developed by UTSCH innovatively combines the precision and performance of tried-and-tested UTSCH embossing presses with the possibilities of digital networking.

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U Press

How UTSCH licence plates represent a secure document.

Licence plates are particularly exposed by the way they are used. Attached to the front and rear of a vehicle, they are easily accessible to everyone in daily practice and as such, prone to manipulation and counterfeiting.

In order to make this more difficult, UTSCH has been constantly adding new security features since the 1990s. Some of the features are invisible to the naked eye and only become recognisable through the use of special tools.

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Hot stamping machine ERUT R 120 E: more compact, more convenient, more effective.

The ERUT R 120 E is the logical enhancement of the proven UTSCH hot stamping technology, complementing it with up-to-date innovations to make hot stamping simpler, more effective and cost-efficient.

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ERUT R 120 E
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