The udata system software incorporates our extensive IT know-how, combining individual components to form an integrated system and seamlessly fitting it into the application environment of the customer and all other involved parties.

This encompasses applications programmed to match the customer's needs and preferences and external and internal interfaces to other systems and users. The modular structure of the system allows it to be configured to the customer's requirements. 

The various software components are networked in the core modules of  production, personalisation, registration and identification. This allows the system to be flexibly adapted to any requirement.

The personalisation module, for example, combines several functional units of the tried-and-tested userver software. It enables machine processes, users, material flows, orders and inventories to be monitored and controlled as demanded by the individual situation:

Order Management

This tool allows you to create production orders for individual license plates, pairs of plates or entire series using a web application and assign them directly to an embossing press, as long as you have the necessary user authorisation.

Production Control

This tool is for the organisation of production and personalisation stations or embossing stations.

A user with the appropriate authorisation can view all orders and assign them to the available embossing presses according to format or quantity - no matter whether the embossing presses are manual, computer-controlled or fully automatic.

If necessary, individual orders can also be prioritised or existing orders can be diverted to other presses.


This tool is used to create new users, assign them individual user authorisations (or change existing ones) and assign them to user groups.

There are three preset user groups as standard (normal users, prioritised users and administrators), but customers can choose and assign user groups to suit their own needs.

An individual language setting can also be assigned to each user to define the language the user works in after logging in.



This tool is used to evaluate database entries according to a range of search parameters, such as embossed type, the name of the customer, the plate ID or the plate format.

This allows you to review any aspect of license plate production at any time and, with the statistical evaluations, keep track of various operating parameters such as machine utilisation, service lives or production runs in particular formats.

Warehouse Management

This tool provides the user with a complete warehouse management system with separate user management and a range of features to suit the requirements of any type and size of production facility.

Warehouse Management allows you to manage central and peripheral warehouses and also dispatch goods between different warehouses with goods issuing and acceptance, including stock control, rebooking, inventory reporting and stock correction. A reporting function provides up-to-date information about the current situation, while reliable and comprehensive data backup ensures the necessary process reliability.

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