Accessories for machines and devices

To guarantee optimum results on its machines and systems, UTSCH supplies a range of suitable accessories, also manufactured in house.

Clapper dies

Sharply defined lettering and ease of use

Made of moulded plastic, UTSCH clapper dies are easy to handle, durable and maintenance-free. In spite of their low weight, they produce sharply defined lettering on license plates up to 1.5 mm thick even at relatively low pressure, without damaging the reflective film. An extremely strong stainless steel clamp holds the top and bottom plates perfectly and an integrated plastic spring securely locks the plate in place to prevent slipping. The plastic projection with spring ball (ball catch) ensures that the die is securely positioned in the separately available UTSCH embossing frame. Every set of UTSCH clapper dies comes with spacers and blanks to ensure compliance with legally required letter spacing.                                          

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Embossing frames

Reliable embossing of single- and double-line license plates

In addition to the clapper dies, the embossing equipment includes the UTSCH embossing frame which matches the dies and complies with the CE safety standard. The UTSCH clapper dies are placed on the specially developed PPN base plate and securely locked in the integrated steel rail with the ball catch. They can be adjusted from the side if necessary. The UTSCH embossing frame is flexibly designed to handle single- and double-line license plates.

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