The change in the board of directors has now been completed.

Siegen. Since February 1, 2017, Dominic Höffgen is Erich Utsch AG's new chief financial officer, following in the steps of Marc Nedecky, who left the company at his own request at the end of January.

Dominic Höffgen is no stranger in Siegen. As one of three management partners in AURICON, the auditing and consulting company, he has been working closely with UTSCH during the past two years. Consequently, he is extremely familiar with the structure of the company, which greatly simplifies the rapid change from the old board of directors to the new one.

"Mr Nedecky is passing on to me a well-organised and superbly-functioning team which has achieved excellent results over the past three years. My intention is to build on his achievements, even if in the nature of things there will be slight changes in focus," Mr Höffgen said. However, he continued, first and foremost he would concentrate on continuity and reliability, including with regard to the successful structural changes and innovations which the company and its employees had readily supported since 2014.

The aim, he said, had to be to make optimal use of, and to implement, the new opportunities which the market offered. Dominic Höffgen is extremely confident about this. "From the very start, my impression of this company was a positive one, and I am sure that together we can achieve a great deal".