Siegen - Amsterdam. From 20 to 23 March 2018, the leading companies of this industry met again at the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam to present the latest technologies and services in the fields of traffic management and safety, infrastructure and mobility.

"Security by networking" was the motto of this year's trade fair appearance of Erich Utsch AG at Intertraffic and thus the manifold possibilities of a secure networking of the individual UTSCH products and system modules were also the focus.

The topic "secure personalization" was covered by upress, which is network-compatible and has now proven itself worldwide, while UTSCH will in future rely on blockchain technology with the highly topical product uchain in order to document the entire life cycle of a license plate from production to validation in a complete and tamper-proof manner.

But real highlights were also presented in terms of security features for license plates. The "Hidden Secures" on display, for example, represent a new generation of "hidden" security features that can only be seen with the appropriate technical aids (UV light or polarizing filters). Hidden Secures can be applied directly to the license plate blanks during the production process and may be individually designed according to customer specifications. 

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, UTSCH has also developed a process based on "direct laser interference structuring" (DLIP). With this process, individual security features for license plates can be implemented in a highly flexible way and (compared to conventional hologram labels) at a fraction of the cost and time otherwise required. Processing takes place directly in the production process and without requiring a complex infrastructure such as special clean rooms.

With the product name unique, the process has been presented to the public for the first time. "With unique, we now have an instrument in our hands that raises the security standard for license plates to a new level in a highly flexible and cost-effective manner and makes all previous standards obsolete almost overnight," says Bernd Pfundstein, Innovation Officer in Product Management "license plate blanks" at Erich Utsch AG.

A wide range of topics and news that met with a broad response from interested trade visitors. Tilman Schwinn, COO and CSO, gave a positive summary of the four days of the fair: "Intertraffic was a complete success. We have received the very best feedback not only from our customers and partners, but also from competitors and from the official side and have positioned UTSCH as a  leader in technology".