Siegen. Growth is vital, but it also poses challenges that must be overcome, as Erich Utsch AG, which has just initiated one of the largest internal projects in the company’s history, is currently finding out.

Here’s why: An excellent market position and full order books recently made it necessary to significantly increase production capacity at the Marienhütte facility. Since then, millions have been poured into new production facilities, infrastructure improvements and the digitization of the value chain. All work is expected to be finished by the end of summer 2018.

The improvement project is led by Erich Utsch AG’s technical director, Joachim Simon: “The biggest challenge lies in making complex structural alterations to the production facility without having to shut it down“. It’s akin to performing open-heart surgery on the facility. “It’s a very delicate job that requires a high degree of planning and prudence.“ Luckily, he adds, the company has the required internal resources: “Our employees have had the experience of successfully completing countless customer projects, and it’s exciting for us to apply that knowledge to our own company for a change,” says Simon.

Despite all our efforts production will, however, be running at half speed at one time or another in the cycle. That may result in projects taking a little longer to complete and in orders being delivered with a slight delay.

For that reason, Tilman Schwinn, CSO and COO at UTSCH, is apologizing in advance for any inconvenience caused by this unusual situation: “These improvements are vital to ensure that our production department will be able to keep pace with a higher order volume.”

Mr. Schwinn regrets if this will result in any inconvenience or delays for our customers and partners, but: “After successfully completing the work UTSCH will be able to meet its customers’ business obligations and wishes even more quickly and effectively, which will further improve an already high standard.”