“ERICH UTSCH AG is the original”

Siegen. Being a globally operating company with a history going back over fifty years, Erich Utsch AG has founded a number of joint ventures worldwide to steadily increase its customer service and to satisfy local market needs.

Some of these joint ventures bear the name UTSCH, although for legal reasons in most of these joint ventures Erich Utsch AG holds minority shares only. But of course, this fact is not always obvious for customers or other external parties. So recently Erich Utsch AG got notice that there are some irritations about the relationship of Erich Utsch AG and Utsch Tönnjes International AG (UTI) and its subsidiaries.

In order to avoid further misunderstandings Dr. Tilman Schwinn, CSO and COO of Erich Utsch AG, found himself forced to explain the nature of the relationship between Erich Utsch AG and UTI: “Utsch Tönnjes International AG is a joint venture of Erich Utsch AG and - amongst others - some members of the Tönnjes Group of companies. Erich Utsch AG does NOT hold a majority share of Utsch Tönnjes International AG and has NOT any operative influence on the activities and businesses of Utsch Tönnjes International AG and its subsidiaries.”

He further pointed out that Erich Utsch AG and Utsch Tönnjes International AG are completely separated legal entities and are competing in the market. This holds for all affiliated companies of Utsch Tönnjes International AG as well, for instance Utsch M.O.V.E.R.S International GmbH, Tönnjes C.A.R.D. International GmbH, Utsch Movers Middle East belong to Utsch Tönnjes International AG.

As a consequence, only companies or representatives approved by Erich Utsch AG can act on behalf of UTSCH.

Since Utsch Tönnjes International AG does not have any home grown technology of its own, Dr. Schwinn also made it clear that Erich Utsch AG is the producing company behind the UTSCH-brand: “For customers it is naturally more advantageous to buy directly from the original manufacturer rather than paying surcharges to third parties which cannot offer substantial added value as they are depending e.g. on UTSCH technology and service at many levels”.

After all, the name UTSCH has been synonymous for over five decades with technology leadership and complete system solutions for the production, personalization, registration and identification of vehicle license plates. Or in a nutshell: ERICH UTSCH AG is the original!