Computer-controlled machines

The numerous possibilities of the Internet and growing interconnectedness are influencing the development of all branches of industry. Computer-controlled machines from UTSCH make an important contribution to digital transformation in license plate production.



NEW: the smart embossing press offering a variety of options

The upresslight perfectly combines proven UTSCH embossing technology with the extensive possibilities of a networked workplace.

"Smart" components ensure the optimised and centralised processing of orders, with the simultaneous collection of economic indicators and increased operator safety.

This makes the upresslight ideally suited for use in medium-sized embossing businesses or branches.

As the mechanical embossing technology used in the upresslight is based on UTSCH's proven and popular 500 kN embossing press, an upgrade of existing embossing presses of this type up to the level of the upresslight is possible in some cases.

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The embossing press for the 21st century

The upress developed by UTSCH innovatively combines the precision and performance of tried-and-tested UTSCH embossing presses with the possibilities of digital networking.

Unique functions, like the optical monitoring of the inserted embossing tools and blanks and the complete logging of all work processes and material consumption, noticeably reduce everyday operating costs. The upress can also be integrated in existing networks or linked in to cash desk systems.

Operational reliability, quality control and inventory management are combined in a unique system with the upress at its heart.

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