Tradition, innovation and pioneering vision.

The business that began in 1961 with a modified wine press is still writing history today.    

For over 50 years Erich UTSCH AG has believed in forward-looking innovations, customer-focused service and a close connection with its employees – a strategy that has yielded continuing success. Here a few milestones in the company's history:



The company is founded by Erich UTSCH and his wife Emmi. The first embossing machine for license plates is a modified wine press.


Easy to operate, affordable and extremely well built: the first UTSCH mechanical embossing press is launched.


The first Automatic Embossing Press is developed and constructed at UTSCH.


Continual expansion prompts the company to move to its current location with state-of-the-art production equipment.


UTSCH develops the ERUT 1, the first of a successful series of license plate frames.


UTSCH confirms its position as a technology pioneer with the introduction of the environmentally friendly and extremely durable hot stamping technique for inking license plate type.


First joint ventures in other European countries. The subsidiary company UTSCH Recycling is founded.


UTSCH develops a wide range of security concepts. License plates become secure documents with the addition of national emblems, laser codes and holograms.


UTSCH designs and builds what is still the world's largest and most modern automatic production facility for license  plates on behalf of the state mint in Foggia, Italy. License plates for the whole of Italy are centrally produced here.


Erich UTSCH KG becomes Erich UTSCH AG.


UTSCH develops the world's first electronic transponder labels, which supplement the traditional aluminium license plate. Exports exceed domestic sales for the first time.


Between 2008 and 2009 UTSCH completes the three biggest orders in the company's history, worth over €30 million, in the Arab world.


Continuing expansion makes it necessary to modernise and enlarge the UTSCH production facilities and offices.


UTSCH presents the computer-controlled, network-enabled embossing press upress.


UTSCH introduces cutting-edge digital printing technology, allowing it to produce custom-printed license plate frames.


UTSCH launches the upresslight, an economical way for smaller embossing firms to introduce networked technology.


Since October 2016, UTSCH is part of a Swedish-Australian family group of companies.


An excellent market position makes it necessary to significantly increase production capacity at the Marienhütte facility. Millions are poured into new production facilities, infrastructure improvements and the digitization of the value chain.


Erich Utsch AG joins forces with Hills Numberplates Ltd to form the world's largest group of companies in the vehicle registration plate market.

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