"It wasn't an easy decision for me to take"

The news came as a surprise to most employees, but at the start of the year 2017, Marc Nedecky, CFO, will be leaving Erich Utsch AG.

In view of the recent sale of Erich Utsch AG, this departure is not something which should give rise to speculation. As Marc Nedecky explained, "This step is neither a decision against UTSCH, nor is it a consequence of the sale." Quite the contrary, he said, because the new owners had specifically asked him and Dr. Schwinn to continue their previous work on Erich Utsch AG's board of directors.

"It wasn't an easy decision for me to take, because working at UTSCH is a great pleasure and also a positive challenge which has opened up new perspectives for me, both in professional terms as well as for me as a human being." He added that by working closely with the personnel in the past few years, they had laid the basic foundations which would ensure that Erich Utsch AG could take many important steps forward.

"Actively accompanying these steps is a task which would certainly have appealed to me, but the move which I have been offered by another company represents a great opportunity and a personal challenge." In order to make it possible to draw up a plan of succession within a reasonable period of time, he continued, the time had now come to make this decision public. "That is what I have done," he stated.

With his concluding words, he thanked all the staff for their trust, openness and great commitment, and coupled this with the promise that his work had not yet finished, saying, "I look forward to continuing to work with you during the coming months in order to set the course for Erich Utsch AG's successful future."