Siegen. At the end of the crisis year 2020, Erich Utsch AG will pay its employees a "Corona Special Bonus" of 1,500 euros net per head. This is the company's way of thanking its staff for their special achievements and prudent behaviour during the pandemic.

The news came as unexpectedly for Erich Utsch AG at the beginning of March 2020 as it did for the rest of the country. What had previously only been a reality on the other side of the border now hit Germany with full force: The pandemic in its own country, combined with a lockdown that paralysed large parts of the economy, or at least significantly hindered it.  

The Executive Board's response to this challenge was quick and consistent: those who could had to go to the home office. Those who were indispensable on site were subject to special rules of conduct, combined with numerous measures to make everyday work a little easier. All in all, it was an extremely unusual situation that demanded a high degree of flexibility and improvisation from everyone involved. And yet it became clear very quickly: it works. "Despite the difficult circumstances, we were able to meet almost all deadlines and delivery dates for the orders processed in 2020," says CSO & COO Tilman Schwinn. 

Dominic Höffgen, CFO & CIO, sees the reason for this primarily in the human factor: "The fact that we were able to keep the economic effects of the Corona crisis on the company as low as possible is largely due to the discipline of the employees, who faced the special challenges with exemplary commitment. For this, the company wants to thank all those involved in a tangible way: "We have therefore decided to pay all employees a special bonus of 1,500 euros net in December". In this way, even in unusual times, the company remains true to the UTSCH corporate culture, which focuses first and foremost on people.