Security lock

To prevent misuse and fraud attempts, license plates should be attached to the vehicle as securely as possible. In some countries plates are secured with rivets to make it harder to remove them. But for experienced criminals this is no real obstacle and the protective effect is limited.

That's why UTSCH developed the security lock, an attachment system that significantly enhances security. The security screws can be fitted with a standard screwdriver, but removing them requires a special screwdriver which is only available to an authorised group of people.

Additional protection against manipulation is provided by a special plastic seal that surrounds the screw. Once the seal has been fitted it must be destroyed to access the screw, so any attempt at manipulation is immediately obvious.

Thanks to special pigments in the plastic, the seal also glows red under UV light. This allows the authenticity of screw and seal to be checked quickly and easily with a UV lamp.

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Security lock
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